About Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Many organisations within the public sector use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to be compliant but also allow for flexibility to help streamline the procurement process.
A DPS is a tool for contracts to purchase works, goods and services commonly available on the market. It has similarities to a framework agreement, but is an entirely electronic tool and has the added flexibility where new suppliers can be added or removed,
making it easier for local suppliers to join at any time.

Why do you need a framework

If you are in any way subject to public sector legislation and do not source your services with a compliant framework in place, then you:

• are not protected against any legal action from suppliers
• could face prosecution in court
• might have to pay fines and your funding may be subject to clawback by government

There are different stages to a DPS in the context of an “open market” solution, where the first stage establishes a shortlist of eligible and compliant suppliers based on cabinet office suitability criteria. The list of approved suppliers is open to further applications to join throughout its contract lifetime. The second stage allows further competitions from the successful applicants, with pricing offered by suppliers that is always competitive and market tested at the point of requirement.

Benefits of using our
Dynamic Purchasing Energy Agreement


Not a fixed agreement as suppliers can join the marketplace or be removed at any time increasing the competition throughout the DPS lifetime and provides the
opportunity to promote local suppliers. Ability to filter all requirements to find the best suppliers who meet all the criteria.

Compliant and legal

Fully public sector compliant. Process Compliance Report
(as described in regulations)
to prove every step has been actioned correctly.
If you are not currently on a compliant framework, you
could be liable if you spend
over £378,660 on your contracts.

Simplified tender process

Entirely electronic, all tender documents that are placed on a DPS are freely available electronically making public procurement more transparent.
Suppliers requests to join must be evaluated within 10 working days of receipt and the minimum timescale for return of tenders
is 10 days.

Like many other organisations, we are looking at our options to become more environmentally efficient. With the help of Fidelity Energy, we have procured 100% renewable energy for some of our meters and can calculate the amount of carbon we have saved by doing so. Small steps really can make a difference and the Trust are now in the process of aligning all our suppliers and contract end dates to ensure that the next ”basket” will be tendered as fully renewable.

James Hooper, Director of Operations at STEP Academy Trust

About Fidelity Energy

We not only provide procurement services, but all the other services you would expect from one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants.
Our aim is to utilise our smart tech and energy expertise to make the energy switching process as pain-free as possible for all our small, large and multi-site customers.

Gas and electricity procurement

Using our own legally compliant Dynamic Purchasing Energy Agreement, we make the public sector procurement process as painless as possible to help secure you the very best rates for your organisation.

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Green energy tariffs

Power your business with energy generation from 100% renewable sources.

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Electric vehicle charging

We provide and install a variety of units that can be personalised with your organisations colours and branding.

Carbon reduction solutions

Monitor, report and reduce your carbon footprint with our clever tool, IPSUM.

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Managed helpdesk

A dedicated energy expert will manage all moves, adds and changes An your behalf, handling any issues and be there as a constant point of contact throughout your contract life.

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Did you know that 1 in 3 charitable organisations are not on the correct VAT rate for their gas and electricity?

We can check that you are being charged the correct rate and help you claim any clawbacks if you have been overcharged.

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